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Mobile Car Wash in Dayton OH

Dayton, OH needs a really serious mobile car wash business. Everyone is into their cars there and it is like a mini automobile capital of the World. In fact I understand that GM holds the SUV assembly record in Dayton, average of 28 hours or something like that? I was talking with some General Motors at Starbucks there in Dayton's Southern Suburb area about it.

Unfortunately many workers were getting axed with the lay offs. Well at least every one can get the same employee discount as everyone else now? I hope that does boost sales in the industry, like they say; "What is good for GM, is good for America?" The people of Dayton OH are into their auto industry, which make it a great market for a mobile carwash business. I believe the area in Dayton is good for this type of business:




Mobile car washing is hard work, but of course there is lots of it and everyone loves the service. Weather can be an issue in OH in winters, but all in all I am bullish on Dayton as a good place to start such a business. You should be thinking of washing Truck Fleets and Aircraft if you undertake such a small business. Let me recommend some free information on the Internet to help you learn more about the mobile car wash business to determine if it is right for you:





Anyway with out trying to be the Shell Answer man, read thru some of this stuff and check it out, do some research ask people around town if they would partake in a mobile car wash service, I bet they would, that is if you have the energy and hard work ethic to go for it. Think on this.

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