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Teak Lumber — Gives New Meaning to Durability

A genus of tropical hardwood trees and inspired by the Dutch Modern style of the 1950s and 1960s, teak lumber is one of the most desired kinds of wood for home and furniture construction.

One of the main reasons that teak lumber is used in furniture and home repair is its proneness to weather resistance. The natural oils contained within allow teak lumber to be safety used outdoors (and indoors) without risk of damage. Teak lumber can even be safely used with little or no varnish or treatment, although such added protection provides a longer life for the furniture.

The age of teak lumber, though, makes a difference in the wood’s ability to maintain itself in inclement weather. Older, more mature teak lumber having grown slowly in natural forests, which goes for a very attractive price, is more durable and self-sustaining, whereas the younger teak lumber harvested on plantations, not having as many annular rings, is weaker and prone to splitting and warping from water damage.

Aged teak lumber (i.e., teak grown old, not teak lumber that has been sitting for a long period of time) serves as the best wooden material for building.

As for construction, teak lumber, which is very popular in India (“teak” comes from “Thekkus,” an ancient word from Southern India), is commonly used for all kinds of domestic features.

As said, furniture, especially outside furniture, such as lawn chairs, swings, picnic tables and benches, is one major line of products typically made from teak lumber. Window panes, porch columns, frame beams in old houses, desks, shelving, and dining room tables are examples of indoor creations from teak lumber. Teak lumber is also frequently used for patchwork where older wood has either rotted, warped from water damage, split from ensuing weakness, wall supports, and even as a substitute for paneling.

Teak lumber is the smooth heavy duty wood without which every home should not be made, at least in part. Home is where the heart is, and risking that home by building it with anything less than teak lumber is the same as threatening the heart with inevitable destruction.

You don't know what you are missing until you try teak lumber based furniture.

Source: www.ezinearticles.com