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Cheap Mattress

Cheap mattresses are not usually uncomfortable to sleep on or of poor quality. There are a number of companies which produce comfortable and supportive mattresses in different models and at cheap prices. The pillow top mattress, which is a luxurious type that provides an extra layer of soft cushioning and the single-sided no-flip mattress are the popular types. A cheap air mattress is another model that can be deflated and rolled up and is suitable for camping trips.

The dealers acquire cheap mattresses from special deals at furniture liquidations, overstocks or bankruptcy settlements, auctions and various other sources. They charge very low overhead charges and do not often impose sales tax. So customers can buy mattresses for wholesale prices. Dealers in cheap mattresses enjoy good rapport with various manufacturers and acquire good quality mattresses from them. Cheap mattresses can be bought for prices as low as 75 % off the original price.

Cheap mattresses come in factory sealed plastic and all of them are new. Occasionally dealers might sell a damaged mattress, which will be even cheaper. You can try out the mattress before buying it, to ensure that it is comfortable.

Cheap mattresses are given more discounts for multiple purchases and those in businesses like the hotel industry can avail of greater discounts. Cheap mattress dealers arrange speedy delivery of their mattresses and allow discounts in shipping charges also. The dealers gain by the increased sales of their products. You can also make use of the services of bedding experts present at these outlets.

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