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My Office Phone Means Business

Everyday, millions of office slaves are forced to pound those phones providing customer support or sell a product or service. An office phone's production should be measured with a meter comparable to the one you find within a taxi cab taking you from point A to B. Whether you are landing an important deal or just trying to give technical support for a MS office user to get a spreadsheet into an Access Database, your trusty office phone is always there to aid you in communication.

There are many types of office and business phones out there. I'm not going to focus a specific line like Nortel or Avaya. What I am going to focus on is the urgency to keep that phone going where it will never need artificial life support injected into its line. Think about how many times you reach for that phone all day. Isn't it completely fascinating in why police show up to your business due to dialing out with 9 and fat-finger syndrome? This question further proves the fact that without a phone within the work place, police officers would have nothing better to do. My phone means some serious business to acquire those with weapons by accidentally hitting some wrong buttons.

This is a mid-article interruption. For clarification purposes, the title "My office phone means business" holds a double meaning. The first meaning implies a more economical effect to a business. If one has a phone in their business, they will more than likely build better customer relationships and sell products and services to make money. The 2nd is a more comedic aspect referring the phone system is alive and is having an attitude problem with a hint of aggression. I thank you for your time and now bring you back to final parts of this amazing article. Anything below this paragraph will not help those if you are optimistic (Sorry).

As I recall, I even phoned a pizza delivery guy here at work. I know you can order pizza online, but just talking to someone who wants to listen about the toppings you like on your pizza is so much better than filling out another online form. My trusty office phone fails me not, for my pizza was delivered hot and fresh and exactly how I ordered it, whole!

Finally, as I build my climax to a conclusion, you are now drawn into a fragmented phrase that triggers days back at school in English class. Without an office phone to aid you at your business, your business would go bankrupt. Not to mention, because you always leave your cell phone in the car, you're wife can not tie up the line and nag at you to make sure you pick up a gallon of milk and cigarettes. Maybe I should look into a home phone removal service. Alright, I'm hanging up now. Bye.

Chris Angulo is head of web marketing for Network Liquidators. Customers have the right to know about cost savings of used and refurbished networking equipment vs. buying directly from a manufacturer. Network Liquidators provides expense solutions on many products including Cisco, Nortel, and now Telecommunications equipment.

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