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Free Sample Cover Letters

The application for a professional position generally consists of two documents, a resume accompanied by a cover letter. While the resume is a somewhat generic document about yourself that you may send unaltered to many different companies, the cover letter adds that personal touch for each specific job. A cover letter is a kind of a schematic about you. A good cover letter reflects your personality, attention to detail, communication skills, enthusiasm, and intellect.

Your cover letter and resume are usually the key elements that a prospective employer uses to decide whether you will reach the next phase in the application process--the interview. It is important that your cover letter is properly formatted and impressive. Sample cover letters help you get an idea of what the contents of a good cover letter should include.

Websites like eresumes.com contain free sample resumes and free sample cover letters along with a few tips on writing a cover letter. When writing a cover letter there are many things to include. First, include the name and address of the company to which you are applying. This should be mentioned on each cover letter and you should try to address the specific individual who will process your application by name. If the name of the person to whom you are applying is not known to you, you can mention the designation. It is important to do some research about the company and you should mention your knowledge of and interest in the work the company is doing in the cover letter.

In addition to tailoring your application towards a specific job, the cover letter also allows you to highlight the most important and relevant accomplishments, skills, and experience listed in your resume which might of relevance to that particular job. The cover letter also lets you specifically request an interview.

Although sample cover letters can be used without any changes, it is advisable to customize the contents of the sample newsletters before using them. Though there are many websites providing sample cover letters, people take the help of professionals when it comes to a high profile job.

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