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Wholesale Necklaces - Where to Buy Them

Necklaces are one of the most desirable fashion accessories, whether in the form of costume jewelry or as real, precious metal and precious stone jewelry.

At the bottom of this article we will show you how to buy wholesale necklaces online, to resell at a good profit. This has become a very lucrative area for marketers, whether they have an online store or want to resell 'in fashion' items in online auction sites like eBay or local equivalents. Others may wish to get them for resale from a market stall, a physical store or by way of newspaper ads.

First, here are some common questions and answers about wholesale necklaces.

What types of suppliers can I use to get wholesale necklaces?

These can be wholesalers, liquidators or drop-shippers (who send the necklace directly from their warehouse to the customer you don't have to handle it. Usually the 'per item' price will be higher though). Often, suppliers will be in the larger jewelry or accessories market and will not simply be offering necklaces.

What kinds of wholesale necklaces are available?

This will vary a lot depending on the wholesaler, but many supply both classic style and modern style necklaces. The best idea is to browse the wholesaler's online database. If they offer a 'top seller' product guide, so much the better.

What are the minimum purchase amounts? This can also vary a lot, from no minimum at all, to a minimum of $100 to $300. Sometimes there is no dollar amount specified, but rather a requirement to buy at least five or six pieces, for example.

Are wholesale sources for necklaces based in the USA, or overseas?

Many are based in the USA, Canada or other Western countries; others are based in China. The USA based sources are usually large concerns which aggregate imported products this means you don't need to import yourself.

What sort of shipping methods are available?

Wholesalers of jewelry and necklaces will normally offer UPS, USPS, DHL and Fedex.

OK, where do I find these wholesale necklace suppliers?

Easy, check our wholesale necklaces page, where you will get guidance on the best way of finding the wholesale necklaces you need.

Scott Kintraw writes about online marketing and how the web can empower its users.

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