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Wholesale Dropshippers For eBay And Online Stores - What Not To Sell

Finding wholesale dropshippers for eBay or online stores is not that difficult if you know where to look. A good wholesale directory that comes recommended is a good place to start finding wholesale products. Always do a little research when you look at a wholesale directory by searching product forums.

When looking through eBay you will find many items that are selling or hot sellers. Wholesale costume jewelry, handbags, sunglasses, beads, hats, DVDs and shoes can be a great way to make a start on an eBay business. Why would they be great products for selling on eBay.

The above items are great for the following reasons. All the items above are small and would not be a problem to wholesale dropship. Most of the items do not break easily and are items that are popular. They may also be items that may not sell. Why is that? Everyone else is selling them. There is a plus side thought. If you can determine what brands or colors are selling you may have a hot product.

This is where you need to research completed auctions and look at current listings to see where all the bidding activity is coming from. Also research the seller. If they are a powerseller and know how to make money on eBay then if they have a hot eBay product then you will find that they have been selling the item for some time.

By researching auctions you also can see what ads are converting to sales and this is huge when you go to create your own unique ad.

So when you are looking for wholesale dropshippers and wholesale products this is what you are looking for.

- Small to medium products that are easy to ship.

- Items that are selling on eBay

- No plants or perishables

- Items that are not under $10 preferably $30 and above.

Wholesale dropshipping for eBay is not a new concept. The savviest of eBay sellers are doing well discovering unique products by using reputable wholesale dropshippers and directories.

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