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Used Network Hardware - A Solution Forced By The Economy

Many companies out there are feeling the affects of the economy going down. Major hits on the economy can be contributed to gas prices all the way to real estate. What will large and small businesses do with their budgets getting thinner to keep their networks up and going to continue to do business with their customer-base? There are solutions out there that many people do no realize. Companies can save a great deal of money they could contribute to other areas to exceed growth by looking in the secondary market of network hardware.

As reported from the Bloomberg site in an article titled "Cisco Profit Disappoints Some Investors; Shares Fall", many businesses are feeling the effects of the current conditions of our US economy.

"They're feeling the effects of the U.S Economy, It's hard to really escape it", Shaw Wu said.

Shaw Wu is an analyst with the American Technology Research in San Francisco, California. I also didn't fully understand the immediate price reduction looking for used networking gear; before I entered this industry, I was under the assumption you could only get pre-owned gear from auction sites like EBay or Yahoo (Yahoo auctions recently has ended in the US market). It has even been reported that the Canadian dollar is worth more than a US dollar. As of Wednesday morning on November 7th, 2007, the Canadian dollar's value was sitting close to $1.09 valuing each US dollar. This is clearly a sign a market decline and a troubled economy in the US.

A solution has to be presented in front of all businesses alike that want to keep communications going over the internet. New networking equipment for a company providing services to 1000s of employees within its infrastructure can be looking to spend $100,000s, where if you chose the secondary market, you could save more than half the cost on your bill.

The leading network hardware seller Cisco Systems, Inc. seems to frown upon the secondary market as if it were doing something illegal. By all means, this is not the case. Secondary markets are becoming confused with the black market. China quite commonly is a major source of counterfeit equipment that ends up even the hands of legitimate resellers. However, the legitimate sellers have practices in place to spot the fake network hardware and report the seller from where the knock-off gear was purchased to UNEDA.

In summary, watch your spending budgets and really soak in the fact you are not obligated to buy directly new equipment and waste money that could be invested into other areas. This industry is truly what I'm fluently full of awareness on and will continue to share my thoughts and research to save large and small companies money they deserve to put into other ventures.

Chris Angulo is head of web marketing for Network Liquidators. Customers have the right to know about cost savings of used and refurbished networking equipment vs. buying directly from a manufacturer. Network Liquidators provides expense solutions on many products including Cisco, Nortel, and now Telecommunications equipment.

Source: www.ezinearticles.com