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Office Phones vs Emailing

Can you image what life would be like if we did not have a phone in our office? What if we only communicated by email? I really don't believe people think about this stuff too much, so I am going to some thinking for you, mainly just to entertain. I know as I sit in my office right now, not having an office phone would really make my own personal day so much better. However, we need to have a better form of communication that just emailing. Email is great, but I get way too many spam emails. I can receive anything from "would you like a mortgage on a home" to "hey, this is Sambuka from Nigera, you won the Nigerian lotto". Usually phone solicitors are at bay and no where near the troubles of spam email.

My office phone just sits there ever so patiently, waiting to inform me by a supersonic ring of annoyance. Manufacturers cleverly develop phone rings to hit your own button so you end up picking up the phone and using it. They are important in the work place to provide customer support, collect money, save your minutes for your cell phone, make a sale, or talk to others by extension. Yours is the method of communication of wanting an answer on something as of Now and not Later. Email is pretty much the opposite or if the situation calls for long distance communication, such as getting a hold of Sambuka from Nigera to collect your jackpot by making him rich first.

Some VOIP phone systems will even communicate with your Outlook email box emailing you that you have a call. There is something so twisted about the sentence that I just typed that combats my conscious into a mind-bending coma. One day my phone is going to prop up with its own footstand, digitize and formulate eyes on the caller ID, and finally will ring with assurance and will phrase, "You've got mail". This quite possibly will be as bad as a Furby picking up my language habits.

Email and Office Phones work together like a relationship. You are darned if you do, and darned if you don't (keeping language appropriate). They are from Venus and email clients are from Mars. One just can not survive without the other, and well, we are like the kids that are stuck in the middle of this whole technology relationship of a mess. Unlike a man and a woman in a relationship, you can turn off a ringer on a phone and set rules to delete messages in an email client. How many guys out there wish their TV remote muted their girl friends?

Chris Angulo is head of web marketing for Network Liquidators. Customers have the right to know about cost savings of used and refurbished networking equipment vs. buying directly from a manufacturer. Network Liquidators provides expense solutions on many products including Cisco, Nortel, and now Telecommunications equipment.

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