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National Parks

The United States of America is well known for its natural wonderlands. The government has sanctioned certain areas to preserve nature and help people enjoy the beauty of the land when they feel like relaxing. These areas called National Parks are also known as parklands. The history of National parks in the United States dates far back to 1872, when the first National Park in the world was set up. It was known as Yellowstone National Park and was set up by the government.

National Parks are present in every state except for Delaware. National Parks are known for hot geysers, waterfalls and mountains covered with snow. Wildlife such as bears, deer and elk add to the beauty of the parks. There are a variety of wild flowers and trees. The National Park Service is the governing body that manages The National Park Services.

Some of the parks are famous for the history they tell through the ancient ruins and memorials they display. Also available are rooms for lodging, if a tourist plans an overnight stay at the park. The park staff is very helpful, and there are guided tours to make you feel comfortable and give you maximum information about the park.

There is usually an admission fee to gain entrance to National Parks. There are also fees if you plan on camping or renting a room on the premises. The amount you pay for over night accommodations obviously depends on the type of accommodations you select. In many parks, senior citizens can enjoy all accommodations free of charge.

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