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Manchester, UK Company Liquidations - Choices to Consider

If are have interest in a Manchester-based company that could possibly enter into a liquidation situation, then you are going to need to understand at least a couple of things. Types of liquidations and alternatives to liquidation should be clear in your mind. Firstly, you should understand whether your company is solvent or insolvent. If the company were liquidated today, would it have enough assets to cover all of its debts. If yes, then it is solvent. If no, then it is insolvent. Solvency status plays an important role in the type of liquidation to consider. A membersí voluntary liquidation is possible for a solvent company.

Liquidation can proceed in a solvent Manchester company if the shareholders agree. This by far the smoothest-flowing of the three types. Control is maintained by the shareholders and creditors are not offended or even aware until they are being paid off. A creditorsí voluntary liquidation is also agreed upon by the companyís shareholders, however in this case the company is in a state of insolvency. Because of the insolvent state, a licensed Insolvency Practitioner (IP) becomes involved in a supervisory sense. Fair representation to owed creditors is the focus of the IP. Accurate asset accounting is reviewed and the shareholders are no longer in control.

A compulsory liquidation occurs when the court system orders a company to be wound-up. Again an IP is involved and the shareholders have no more control over the fate of the company. The best course of action is to be proactive and seek professional advice as soon as possible. Accountants, financial advisors, IPís, credit counselors and the Citizens Advice Bureau are all potential advice resources. Take action to explore your options today to minimize your losses from the potential liquidation of your Manchester, UK company.

Written by Ingrid Thomason. Find the latest information on Liquidation UK as well as Liquidation Manchester

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