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Laptop Computer Parts

Laptops or notebooks are the way of life in today's modern world. No jets setting executive can do without them, such is their importance. They usually weigh from one to three kilograms, based on their size.

Laptops usually run on a single battery. Some run on an external AC/DC. This could also charge the battery, while supplying energy to the laptop itself. Laptops are capable of doing the same tasks as a desktop PC, though at times they may be a little less powerful. They contain all the components that are present in a conventional PC in a miniaturized size. These components are optimized for mobile use and low energy consumption. Laptops usually have liquid crystal displays. They come with different memory modules for their RAM. Apart from a keyboard, laptops come with a touchpad or a pointing stick, which is used for input functions. Alternately, in many of the laptops, one can attach an external keyboard of mouse, if the need arises.

Laptops are typically divided into three categories, ultra portables, thin, light and medium-sized. These categories depend on the size of the laptops, as the name suggest. The entire size of a laptop is usually dependent on the screen size, which could vary from one brand to another. Powerful laptops, otherwise known as desktop replacement computers, are also available. They are usually used in a fixed location and are not that portable because of size and weight. The monitors usually measure 15 inches or more. These desktop replacements have limited battery life due to their hardware.

The early days saw the use of heavy lead-acid batteries in laptops that have been replaced with lighter and more efficient nickel metal hydride and lithium batteries in the present generation laptops. The processors have also become more powerful. Laptops usually come with all kinds of drives like a floppy drive and a separate drive for CDs.

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