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How to obtain Sources for Wholesale Products to sell on eBay

There are more sellers on eBay today, but there are also more buyers. As you browsed eBay, I'm sure you noticed or purchased from several high profile, high volume eBay sellers. I always marveled at the amount of sales generated by these Powersellers so I decided to find out how they accomplished this.

There are niche products that sell on eBay. However, if you want to earn more with less work on eBay, it's a good idea to target name brand products. Having a background in information and technology sales, I decided to target top eBay sellers in these categories and try to locate their product sources. You don't need to target technology. I have worked with many successful eBay sellers who achieve great success with home appliance product lines, cosmetic lines, and automotive products, to name a few.

eBay buyers use the name brand in their search so target products lines with excellent branding. After researching one eBay Powerseller, it was very evident that the name brand he was selling was Gateway. He was generating high volume sales by selling their liquidation and overstock items.

It was fairly simple to obtain Gateway's telephone number, so I called and asked for the Liquidation Department. I said to myself, "It can't possibly be this easy!" It wasn't! After leaving several messages with no reply, I found an auction website in which Gateway was offering some bulk liquidation loads.

My thought process was that if I could win at least one of the liquidation loads, even though the price was higher than I wanted to pay, I would gain access to the department head. I did win one load. I hardly broke even on the price, but it did enable me to have contact with the person handling the Gateway Liquidation Department. I was also contacted to see if I wanted to be notified of any other closeout loads. "Mission Accomplished!" I was put on their bidder list.

Contacting the liquidation or overstock departments of major corporations may take more than a few phone calls. Be creative and try to purchase some of the lesser sought after items. Once you are in the company database as a buyer, many opportunties will become available to you to obtain excellent wholesale products.

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