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How To Find Products To Sell On on eBay

You can literally sell almost anything on eBay. Successful auctions on eBay have included an individual Kellogg's corn flake, a PDA carved in butter and a ten-year old grilled cheese sandwich (one bite missing) with the image of the Virgin Mary which sold for a whopping $28,000.

Your choice of product need not be so extreme.

One of the first places to look for products to sell on eBay is in your own house. This may seem a little boring, but if you find an item or two that sell for a much higher price than you anticipated, you may have just stumbled upon a business. Go find more of the same type of product out in the world and put them on eBay.

The next best place to look is on eBay itself. If it is already selling well on eBay, there is room for one more seller. eBay has a few resources you should investigate. Check out "Seller Central." that's where you'll find eBay's "What's Hot" page and their "Category Tips."

These provide an excellent way to spy on the competition. In the What's Hot report, you'll find products and categories that have had a spike in demand compared to the same period in the previous month. Then you'll see Super Hot Products whose bid growth rate has accelerated beyond their listing growth rate by 35% or more. Those are some seriously hot items.

eBay Pulse is where you'll find hot trends, cool products and popular searches all pulled directly from eBay's own data. Use the drop down menu to find popular searches inside the categories your interested in.

Now that you know what people are buying, where do you find those items to sell?

If you are an artist or craftsperson, you need look no further than your own creations to place online.

Make sure to double check your home for possible "Cash in the Attic." Anything you no longer use could be just what other people are looking for from books and CDs to appliances, jewelry and whatever it was that your in-laws got your for your birthday. Put them out there.

Check your neighborhood for flea markets and garage sales. Keep your buying price low to ensure a profit on the selling side.

Look to local auction houses and liquidators. You will find notices in your newspaper for estate sales and auctions and business liquidators can be found in your phone book. Keep your eyes peeled for going-out-of-business sales and closeouts.

Your local area could keep you supplied with a lifetimes worth of products to sell on eBay which could turn you into an eBay powerseller in no time.

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