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How To Find Low Cost Items That You Can Resell For Profit

The key factor in the success or failure in a business that specializes in closeouts, liquidations, or selling products on eBay is finding items at good prices that you can make a profit on when you resell them. Contrary to popular belief it is when you buy the item that you make your profit as what you pay for something is what determines how much your end profit will eventually be. Here are some good sources where you can find products to resell cheaply and easily.

One of the best sources that I have found is the local Pawn Shop. There are pawn shops in just about every community and in many cases are at a loss as to what to do with a lot of the junk that they have accumulated. With the exception of items like guns, electronics, and jewelry they often are just keeping the stuff lying around waiting on someone to come in and find it. In many cases you can go in and offer them a low price for a large bulk of products that you can resell.

Local markets such as Flea Markets can be another place to find items that you can resell. A lot of times you will find people that either don't really know the value of what they have or they are getting out of the business and are offering products at a cut rate price. If there are some traders there that have large quantities of items try to befriend them and find out where they buy from.

Friends are another source that many people overlook. Sometimes friends may have items that they want to sell or they may know of a source that has products available that you can purchase and resell.

Place ads in local papers with headlines such as "I buy anything". You will be surprised at the response that you will get from placing the ads and may receive a lot of useful products.

Don't overlook garage sales for finding items to resell. I have found some incredible deals at garage sales. I found a hope chest for $30 that I resold for over $300! I recently bought three collectible dolls at a garage sale that were still in their original boxes and only paid $25 for all three of them; they are worth more than $50 each. Many times if you come up on a garage sale that has a lot of good products that you know you can resell they will give you a great bargain if you buy it all.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Florida. Find more about this as well as the Closeouts and Liquidations at http://www.5starcloseouts.com

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