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How to Find a Real Wholesale Supplier Today

With all the rubbish running on the internet, with all cons sitting behind their computers just waiting for another bait to arrive, finding a good a wholesale supplier nowadays is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

And the big problem when you finally get a hold of some links to wholesale websites is that most of the time, those links are probably broken, or selling old products that nobody wants anymore.

You see, what happens most of the time when you’re looking for wholesale suppliers on the internet, is that you’ll probably land on a web page selling you some information on a wholesale “list”.

But in reality, the only thing you get from a wholesale “list” is a bunch of links. Oh, and in case you were wondering how wholesale lists are made, here is an example:

First the creator finds a web directory, let’s say a toy directory.

What he does next is copy some links from the directory and sell them to you. That is how easy it is to make a wholesale list.

The one thing the wholesale list creator never includes in the wholesale list is where he got his information from in the first place. The creator chooses to keep that part a secret, therefore the info he’s actually selling isn’t worth much more than dust.

Plus, traditional wholesale lists include information on only one kind of product: if you buy a shoe wholesale list, you will only get links to shoe suppliers, if you buy an electronics list, you will only get links to the electronics wholesalers etc.

What’s wrong with this is every time you want information on where to get a different product, you must buy a different wholesale list.

While the list makers may or may not give you links to some good suppliers and actually help you out, what they never do is give you the truly valuable information, where they got their information from…the main source.

Plus, you never know whether you’ve landed on an honest site, able to direct you to faithful vendors, or if you’ve just arrived on hostile territory, full of scammers just willing to grab your money and make a run for it.

The key is to find a resource, where you actually get to the main source. You need to get the links to web directories, of manufacturers, suppliers, drop-shippers, wholesalers, liquidators etc. This is exactly where eBay power sellers and wholesale list makers get their information and products from.

Matthias Mazur is the owner of http://www.bestwholesalesecrets.com, a website aimed to helping online sellers get access to real and trusty wholesale suppliers, manufacturers, liquidators and drop shippers.

Source: www.a1articles.com