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Free Laptops

Laptops are expensive and not affordable for most low budget people. "Get a free laptop" is a usual phrase found in business advertisements in most magazines and the Internet. Many established companies offer free laptops to promote their products or services.

In the Internet, one can see links or emails offering free laptops just for filling up some information, survey, or answering questions. But these offerings come with tons of hidden costs, especially in the form of tax. Most sponsors charge at least shipping charges. A standard laptop can cost more than 1000 dollars when purchased by retail. The systems come with a good hardware configuration, memory, and already installed software. Before selecting a provider, you have to make sure that the offer is true. Many companies and online sites offer free laptops but most of these are scams.

There are a number of websites advertising free laptops. The motive of these advertisements is to increase the popularity of these sites. But, the web browsers really believe that if they click the site they will end up with free laptops. It is impossible for any company to give thousands of free laptops to all web surfers. Some others offer free laptops for a lucky new member once a week or a month. To participate in the lucky contest, you need a personal account (login name, password, and registration number) in these websites.

In the United Sates, many reputed schools offer free laptops to every high school student. The laptops help the students by enhancing students' general computing skills, assisting to work on their projects, assignments and paper presentations, and strengthening their analysis and research skills. Using this facility, students can work both at the institute and their residence.

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