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Five Secrets to Buying Wholesale

Everyone loves a great deal, but some people get better deals than others. Why is that? Because they're able to buy everything from jewelry and electronics to household appliance and handbags at wholesale prices. Buying at wholesale isn't rocket science - it just takes a little paperwork and some planning. Here's how to do it:

1. Ignite your entrepreneurial spark. Buying wholesale often means buying in quantity. For example, you might find beautiful leather goods at wholesale prices, but you may have to buy a minimum of one or two dozen in order to get a great price. Starting a small business selling your extras is a great way to bring in additional income and get great bargains for yourself. Your small business can involve selling extras in online auctions, renting a booth at a flea market, or inviting friends and acquaintances to buy your extras.

2. Cover your bases. Legally speaking, that is. Most wholesalers require that you provide a copy of your resale license, so fill out the necessary paperwork to obtain one. Laws vary by state, but most states either don't charge for a resale license or charge a small fee. In many states, the implications of having a resale license are that you are required to complete annual reports and collect sales tax on any items you sell within your state. You may also be required to obtain a business license. Check local, state, and federal requirements to cover your bases. The bottom line, though, is that the time you spend obtaining the necessary legal documents will be rewarded by the opportunity to buy wholesale.

3. Register for major trade shows. If you live near a major city, it's likely that the city plays host to several major trade shows each year. If you're looking for garments at wholesale prices, your resale license is your ticket into the major apparel shows. This is where representatives of clothing lines sell the latest fashions to retailers at wholesale prices. The minimum required purchase is often very small, and you can resell the extras or give them as gifts. There are trade shows for virtually every product, from shoes to supplies for pets, from electronics to gifts. Don't overlook these shows as great places to buy at wholesale prices.

4. Seek out liquidators. Liquidators typically buy massive quantities of goods directly from manufacturers and retailers. The goods might be anything from lingerie to auto parts - and some liquidators may even have both! Typically, the merchandise is discontinued or from a previous season, which is why you can purchase it at prices below wholesale. There are many liquidators on the Web, but if you can find one near where you live, you can pick up the goods yourself and save on shipping.

5. Look online for wholesale prices. If you don't want to go to the trouble of obtaining a resale license and buying goods in quantity, there are many online sources of wholesale merchandise. These e-tailers pass along the savings without requiring a minimum purchase.

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