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10 Funny Techie Shirt Slogans and Designs

Alright, I always talk about coming up with some funny shirt slogans or phrases that techies would probably appreciate. If you continue on reading, please have a very open sense of humor. I mainly use stick figures in this list to simplify the concepts. Use your imagination to visualize these concepts.

  1. The slogan would be "Chicks dig guys with big hard drives" and the back of the shirt would show a stick figure holding a hard drive in the lower area.

  1. On the front of the shirt would be a stick figure on a toilet squeezing hard with binary 0s and 1s overflowing on the sides of the bowl. The back of the shirt would read "Packet Dump".

  1. The front of the shirt would show 2 stick figures. The male will have a smile on his face and the girl should have a frown. The pair's hands will also be reaching out separated by a few inches. The slogan on the front of the shirt shall read, "Connectivity Lost".

  1. I'm not sure if anyone thought of this idea, but actually making a hat and shirt that goes together with a HTML theme. The hat would read , the shirt would read . I've seen people with tattoos like this, but not sure if the fad ever made apparel.

  1. The front of the shirt would say, "What's a Networker's biggest fear?", and the back of the shirt would answer, "Insecurity".

  1. The front of the shirt would picture a hand smacking another hand that drops a coffee mug. The back of the shirt would read, "Denial of Service Attack".

  1. Here's a great idea, a shirt that is covered with advertisements like, "looking for a mortgage, need sexual enhancements, etc..." with the word "SPAM" displayed in a large font on the back.

  1. This next techie shirt really doesn't have a slogan. The background color of the shirt would be black. The front of the shirt would outline a computer monitor with white lines, and the back of the shirt will display the back part of the monitor in white lines.

  1. This next shirt should be all black with white text of "Untagged Port" and an arrow putting down on the backside of the shirt.

  1. Finally, an overweight stick figure on the front huffing and puffing from exhaustion with the message, "Run Time Error" under it.

For all these idea, only number 4 was not an original concept, but regardless would be great to see for an outfit

Chris Angulo is head of web marketing for Network Liquidators. Customers have the right to know about cost savings of used and refurbished networking equipment vs. buying directly from a manufacturer. Network Liquidators provides expense solutions on many products including Cisco, Nortel, and now Telecommunications equipment.

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